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Let me know if you want to receive solutions to Homeworks. I am not
mailing them out yet because some people will submit their homeworks late.

You can e-mail me your homeworks, or fax them to me at 1+(510) 643 5052.
Please put my name on the first page of the fax.
Homework 1 (ps file)
Questions and Answers about HW1
Homework 2 (ps file)
Homework 3 (ps file)
Homework 4 (ps file)
Practice Midterm (ps file)
Practice Midterm Solutions (ps file)
Homework 5 (ps file)
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Homework 7 (ps file)
Homework 8 (ps file)
Sequential circuit files
Combinational circuit files
Homework 9 (ps file)
Homework 10 (ps file)
Homework 11 (ps file)

Midterm 1 (ps file)
Midterm 2 (ps file)
Midterm 3 (ps file)
Comments and Clarification
Seminar notes on "How to do proofs"
Week 1 (Lectures 1 & 2)
Week 2 (Lectures 3 & 4)
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