EE244 - Homework #1

This homework is concerned with the development of a Java application that incorporates an updated Java version of the OCT EDA data model. You may work as individuals or in teams of two.

Your job is to create, and "display", a netlist. We provide you with the definition of the Oct interface, a code framework to be filled in, a working example, and lots of useful hints, which should make the assignment very straightforward (We're not out to get you!).

More specifically, you need to :

  1. Write a Java applet that will create an OCT cell that contains a netlist. The netlist should use 100 instances of the SCHEMATIC facet of the cell BasicCell, which is represented by a bounding box 8x8 units. BasicCell has three ports: in1, in2, out. The instances should be named i0, i1,...i99. Create a random netlist, where each out port is connected to a net object that is connected to three (or more, if needed) in ports. Check to make sure that all in and out ports are connected to something.

    The instances should then be "placed" on a 10x10 rectangular grid (by coordinate of lower-left corner).

  2. Extend your applet to display your layout, by reading and drawing each of the cells (with the three specified ports). Then, for each net, draw lines connecting each of its attached terminals.

  3. Your final applet should have at least two buttons: Make Layout and Display Layout. Submit, via e-mail to rnewton@ic, the URL to a page containing your applet and a link to your source code. Also submit a short paragraph telling us what you think of Java after having used it...

  4. Please realize that the underlying structures that you will be using are very leading edge technology. Feel free to contact us (at the oct-devel address given below) if you feel that you are having unreasonable difficulties.

    The assignment is due by 11:59pm Thurs Oct 31, 1996.

Prof. A. Richard Newton
(510) 642-2967

General Administration

For homework related questions, please post to and read the newsgroup:


(Students should read news and find out about homework developments frequently (around once a day, except weekends))

For technical questions related to the code or if you do not have access to a system with the necessary capabilities (ie a Java Compiler, web page, etc.), you should email:

(Responses will be handled in the form of posting to the newsgroup or replying by e-mail. Please expect a 1-day turn-around for e-mail requests.
If there is a high demand, we will try to put together a FAQ web page as well.)

If you have any suggestions on improving the documentation, clarity or organization of the code, please mail:

and tell us about it.


Homework #1 Supplement

Homework #1 Hints

Java-based OCT documentation

A compiled list of relevant Java documentation

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