Source Code for CAL, CALPORT, SIP

  • Download the CAL BDD (cal-2.1.tar.gz) package.

    See the README file for more information.

    Note that cal-2.1/credit.html contains two missing links (commands.html and packages.html). These files were presumably generated by the Ext documentation system and contained documentation for the C code. There is some documentation in the other .html files.

  • Download the interface calPort-2.0.tar.gz package. This package provides generic BDD interface for CAL-BDD package. This is used inside VIS and SIS allowing them to deal with multiple BDD packages.

  • Download the Sis Interface Package (sip-2.0.tar.gz). This package illustrates the usage of pipelined and superscalar BDD operations. This is done via a set of commands which work off of SIS network. Some of the sample commands are : CalBddCreate (to create the output BDDs of a circuit), CalReach (to compute the set of reachable states), CalPerformance (to test the performance of various individual BDD operations) etc. Also available are the counterparts of these commands for David Long's package (CmuBddCreate etc.).

    See the README file for more information.

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