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Tool Specifics
Forum to discuss Tool specific problems.

PIP Versus Omega
For solving the Lexiographical Maxium in determining data-dependencies in Nested Loop Programs, one can apparently use either PIP or Omega.

  • How would you formulate the optimization in either Omega or PIP?

  • Is there any knowledge about which tools is better in terms of
    • Speed
    • Robustness
    • Kind of solutions (compact?)

PIP Versions
During CASES'99 I found out that there exist different versions of PIP. Supposely, there is an version that makes use of the GNU GMP library, which is an library for arbitrary precision arithmetic. This is important because sometimes PIP cannot find a solution because solvinf it requires number to larger to fit in a long integer. I think Jean-Francois Collard know someone at Philips Research how has created this versions of PIP. Also, which version of PIP that is currently the most recent one is not clear. I currently make use of version 'D4'. But if you go to the home page of Paul Feautrier, you get release number 'D1'. So, does someone know what the lastest number is? Bart Kienhuis
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