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How do I reserve 540 A/B Cory?
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How do I reserve a DOP Center Room or 540 A/B Cory?
Christopher Brooks, 18 Feb 2010
Last updated: 5 Sep 2017

Note: Starting in February, 2013, to reserve 540A/B, you must use bCal. See Cory and Soda Hall Room Reservations.
540A/B is managed by the EECS Department, not by the DOP Center.

For 529 (The library), 540R (The "video conference room") and 540X (The forum), see below.

We use the dopcenter workgroup calendar to schedule 529, 540R and 540X. To edit the calendar, you must be a member of the dopcenter workgroup. Membership in the dopcenter workgroup is open to faculty and staff. Students should use the faculty list to find the name of a staff person associated with their faculty and have the staff person request an account.

529, 540R and 540X Room Reservation Procedure

To reserve 540A/B, see above. To reserve 529, 540R and 540X, see below.

  1. Request membership in the dopcenter workgroup.
    If you do not sit at a desk in the DOP center, then select guest and you will not be added to the DOP Center email list.
      (Note to admins: if someone want to make a reservation, they will need to be a full dopcenter member. The workaround is to upgrade new members to full membership and then remove them from the mailing list by hand)
  2. Go to the DOP Center Calendar and add a reservation by clicking on the number of the day in which you would like to reserve the room.
    • If the room is already reserved for that day and time, it is up to you to resolve the scheduling conflict according to the policy below. In general, reviews have priority over workshops, workshops have priority over seminars and seminars have priority over classes.
    • Your reservation should include the name of the faculty sponsor, the event and the room number. For example
      Prof. Ptolemy. EECS Office Hours, 529 Cory
      The reason to include the room number is to make it clear what room is being reserved. The calendar is used to reserve more than just one room.
    • Note that there is a bug that prevents certain characters in the title from being displayed. Characters such as parenthesis ( and ) will be translated into their HTML codes. The workaround is to stick to alphanumerics, commas and dashes. Sorry!
    • If you do a repeating reservation, please only repeat your reservation for one semester. Also, please check for conflicts when you place a repeating reservation - conflicts are not automatically detected.

Rooms in the DOP Center

  • 529 Library, note that DOP faculty have priority for 529. To reserve 529, use the DOP Center Calendar and be sure to mention 529 Library. (FIXME: How many people can it hold?):
  • 545R Video Conference Room, note that DOP faculty have priority for 545R. To reserve 545R, use the DOP Center Calendar and be sure to mention 545R. Note that the conference phone in 545R requires a phone code to dial 800 numbers. DOP Center residents, see Conference Calls. Non-DOP Center residents, have your grant administrator get a voice authorization code by going to -> Voice Services -> Authorization Code. The incoming line for 545R is 510-642-6322. (FIXME: How many people can it hold?)
  • 545X Forum
  • Other Rooms

    The Chess Software Lab (337A Cory)
    Chess members can schedule 337 Cory, see How do I schedule 337 Cory?
    The TRUST Conference Room (337B)
    TRUST members can schedule 337B Cory, see How do I schedule 337B Cory?
    Other rooms in Cory and Soda
    The EECS Dept. Website Room Reservation Page
    Bechtel and Hearst
    College of Engineering Facilities Reservation System
    Sutardja Dai Hall
    Sutardja Dai Hall Facilities.
    Haas UC Facilities page
    UC Berkeley Conference Services
    Conference Services page
    Campus event facilities

    Other resources

    Floor plan of the Donald O. Pederson Center and surrounding offices. The DOP Center consists of 528, 529, 540 and 545 Cory.

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