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Details about the Seminar

How is the DREAM Seminar handled?
This page is about the Design of Robotics and Embedded systems, Analysis, and Modeling Seminar (DREAMS), which started in September, 2011.
The previous seminar Robotics and Embedded Software Seminar (RESS), ran from September, 2009 through May, 2011.

For information about the CHESS Seminar, which predates DREAMS and RESS, see How is the CHESS Seminar handled?

The Design of Robotics and Embedded systems, Analysis, and Modeling Seminar website is at http://embedded.eecs.berkeley.edu/seminar. To update that page:

  • Note that you must be an admin in the seminar workgroup to update the main page. To request admin access, follow the options link in the menu bar and request admin membership in the seminar workgroup.
  • After being added as an admin to the seminar group, then to actually update the seminar page go to http://embedded.eecs.berkeley.edu/seminar/admin/profile and make your changes.

Before Each Semester

  1. Decide on a time and day with the faculty. Faculty to ask include Prof. Tomlin, Bajscy, Culler, Seshia and Lee. DREAMS is held on Tuesday 4-5.
  2. Historically, we have had the seminar in the Wang Room, see Cory and Soda Hall Room Reservations.
    To reserve the Swarmlab by contacting Shelley Kim.
    Note that it is important to reserve the room early so that we have the space..)
    At the start of the semester, reserve the room (the SwarmLab or 540A/B) every week in the semester. For 540A/B, be sure to set "Details URL" to http://embedded.eecs.berkeley.edu/seminar so that if a user clicks on the calendar entry, they end up at the DREAMS page.
    It is up to you as to whether you update the DOP Center Calendar each week with the seminar title name.
    It is up to you as to whether you remove our reservation for the space for each week when we don't have a seminar. Being a good citizen would indicate that it is a good idea to remove the reservation the week before the week for which we do not have a seminar.
  3. Move the list of previous seminars from http://embedded.eecs.berkeley.edu/seminar to http://embedded.eecs.berkeley.edu/seminar/forum/1/:
  4. Find speakers and get titles and abstracts back.
    Note that DREAMS does not usually offer a stipend of any sort to speakers. If you would like to offer a stipend, please ask your faculty in advance. For details, see Travel Reimbursements.
  5. Edit the seminar home page by going to http://embedded.eecs.berkeley.edu/seminar/admin/profile.
  6. Once you have the speaker name, affiliation, abstract and title, add the event to the Berkeley Campus Events Calendar. The event will automatically propagate from the Campus Calendar to the EECS Calendar.
    When adding an event to the Campus Events Calendar:
    Event Sponsor
    Choose "Electrical Engineering and Computer Science" so that the EECS Calendar admin can more easily spot the event and update the Secondary Event Type.
    Adminstrative Options
    Be sure to mention that the seminar should be added to the DREAMS Seminars. The EECS Calendar Administrator will do this by hand so that the event appears in the DREAMS iCal and RSS feeds. (Website Administrators: see How does the seminar ical/rss feed work?)
  7. Consider updating the DOP Center Calendar

The week of the event

  1. Make arrangement for parking, see http://chess.eecs.berkeley.edu/visitorinfo.htm
    Ask the admin of your PI for a parking pass and have the speaker call you when they are in front of Cory. Then run down and give them the pass. Using the Parking Kiosk is not reliable.
    The pass is good for across the street, they need to pay attention to what letter is on the pass (usually a "C" or "F") and be sure to scrape off the date and hang the tag.
    Parking tickets are the responsibility of visitors.
  2. Make sure that the room is not double booked
  3. Make sure that the event is listed in the EECS Calendar, CHESS Calendar and the Berkeley Campus Events Calendar.
  4. Send reminder email to the speaker
  5. The Design of Robotics and Embedded systems, Analysis, and Modeling Seminar topics are announced to the DREAMS list, which includes the chessworkshop mailing list, which includes the chesslocal mailing list. You only need email the dreams list, the chessworkshop and chesslocal lists will be included by the dreams list.
  6. Send email to eecs-announce You will have to join first, then email (eecs-announce at lists eecs berkeley edu)
    The title of the email should have the day and time, the name of the speaker and the title.
    The body of the email should include the speaker name, affiliation, title and abstract.
    The email should also contain the other talks for the semester.
  7. On the day of the seminar, send email in the morning to chessworkshop and eecs-announce and then again right before the seminar to chessworkshop.
  8. After the seminar add the presentation to the Chess Publications database and update the seminar page with a link to the presentation.
Secrets to a successful seminar:
  • Line up speakers early
  • Get faculty to show up.
  • Have a theme
  • If the speaker is from offsite, consider printing out handouts and spamming email lists like ee-grads.
  • Get copies of the presentation and add them to publications database.

For information about the Seminar iCal/RSS feed, see How does the seminar ical/rss feed work?

Travel Reimbursements for Visitors

In general, seminar speakers cover their own travel to Berkeley.

Occasionally, a PI may authorize reimbursement of travel of a seminar speaker. This authorization must occur via email before travel is booked.

For details about travel reimbursement, see See http://www.terraswarm.org/terraswarm/faq/28.htm.

DOP Center residents, see the DOP Center Travel Wiki.

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