Donald O. Pederson Center Workgroup

The public web page for the Donald O. Pederson Center can be found at

The 10,000 sq. ft. Donald O. Pederson Center consists of 72 desks for graduate students, faculty and staff. The center is named for Donald O. Pederson, who is was one of the designers of SPICE.

The dopcenter workgroup contains material used by current residents of the Donald O. Pederson Center. To access the dopcenter workgroup, please login.

We use the dopcenter workgroup calendar to schedule 540A/B Cory. Membership in the dopcenter workgroup is open to faculty and staff. For information about 540 A/B Cory you may contact the staff via dopadmin (at) embedded eecs.

Scheduling 540A/B Cory

See How do I reserve a DOP Center Room (540 A/B Cory)?

This group has the following subpages:

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